Creativity Matters

Vibrant and vital conversation on creativity at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago this Tuesday. An amazing and inspiring session with artists, educators and cultural movers and shakers designed and facilitated by Designholmen and Christina Bagatavicius from Bespoke. Our colourful posters for the workshop were quickly and unabashedly covered in permanent marker and stickies. Here's to hoping Washington and Dallas is equally dynamic!

Fogo Island Inn wins at AZ Awards

I spent an inspiring evening at the AZ awards where Fogo Island Inn took home two awards: the Social Good award as well as the People's Choice for Commercial  ⁄ Institutional Architecture over 1,000 square metres. Even though the Inn has been open since 2013 this project still makes me so proud. Congratulations to everyone involved!

AZ Awards

Incredible construction mesh installation above awards goers at the AZ Awards

Simple patterns of wealth

I recently finished a brand development project for wealthsimple, a smart wealth management start up. As part of the job we ended up developing 5 simple patterns that draw inspiration from the world of finance. I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

Note cards

Referral cards

Design on a spiritual level

I recently spent a glorious week with great friends in Madrid. We visited Catedral De la Almudena right next to the Royal Palace. We were drawn in by the angelical voices of the choir. At some point I looked up at the ceiling and discovered what must surely be one of the most stunning and contemporary examples of design inside a church. From a designer's point of view: it was a spiritual moment.

Sleeping beauties

I've always thought that the quiet moment right before my two daughters eyes flutter open to greet the world is the most beautiful. Recently I've started to capture these moments. I've become a master tip-toer and a curser of creaky floors!